Maintaining a clear home might be a pleasure in the end with the proper kind of device. Regardless of the large types of vacuums which are available for sale, you will find still many customers who remain unhappy using their performance. Individuals who require optimum service have recently found a secret by means of Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge F5914-900 that is a unique home steam vacuum inside a type of its very own.

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Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge F5914-900 Pros :The hoover steamvac carpet cleaner with clean surge f5914-900 moves easily and is easy to push.

Hoover carpet cleaner f5914-900 was simple to assemble, all plastic construction.

This Hoover f5914-900 is effective on medium height pile.

The attachment labored great on vehicle floor mats.

This Hoover model f5914-900 was easy to construct and employ

Despite the fact that it isn't a genuine steamer still it is effective

Easy cleaning after use carpet cleaner.

Hoover f5914-900 steamvac with clean surge separate neat and dirty water containers.

Great suction carpet cleaner.

Carpet dries rapidly.

The hoover f5914900 hoses and accessories all store nicely.

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge F5914-900 Cons :Hoover f5914-9rm steamvac carpet shampooer is a little heavy.

Constant have to refill with increased water.

Hoover f5914-900 steamvac isn't a real steamer.

Hoover f5914-9rm hands tool hose not easily connected.


SteamVac Features:

The length of the SteamVac are roughly 20 by 12 by 44 inches. It features a twelve months limited warranty.

There's an eight feet hose, something basket, along with a hands-held tool to clean upholstery and stairs.

It features three speeds: spill pickup, gentle scrubbing, and energy scrubbing to clean versatility.

Equal suction around the cleaning path is backed up by its Dual-V technology.

The twelve amplifier carpet cleaner has rotating brushes to completely clean carpet materials.

Multi-directional brushes can spin and scrub carpet materials to get rid of grime better.

Blasts hot air around the washed place to quicken the drying out time.


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The overall comment left out by those who have used this machine is among great satisfaction. The Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 has gotten stellar 3829 reviews. Virtually every review we could find online gave this carpet shampooer a 5 star rating. To sweeten the offer, there's a complete one-year warranty around the product and there's not a way anybody will go wrong by purchasing Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner.

Even though this machine is extremely suggested anywhere, you will find some complaints about the potency of its cleaning ability. Those who are going through this type of problem just have to be certain there have mixed the best power of the soap and also the relaxation cannot be any simpler.

The good thing about Bissell 2080 Quicksteamer Powerbrush Lightweight Upright Deep Carpet Cleaner is the fact that it’s LIGHTWEIGHT. Which means it's very easy to carry the device throughout the house, which makes it ideal for a petite housewife much like me. If you're searching for a light-weight machine without compromising on performance and energy, this is actually the someone to choose.

  Bissell QuickSteamer Features And Specs

  • Upright deep cleaning carpet cleaner
  • Quick assembly
  • 4-Amp motor
  • DirtLifter PowerBrush
  • Dual water tanks
  • Weighs only 12 pounds
  • 8.5 inch cleaning path
  • Removable nozzle
  • 20 foot power cord with quick release
  • Includes carpet cleaning solution
  • 1-Year warranty
The Bissell Quicksteamer is easily portable and convenient to carry throughout the house and simpler than most to haul up and lower plane tickets of stairs, coming in at just 12 pounds. It features a 4-amplifier motor, and even though less effective as numerous other heavy-duty domestic carpet cleansers, the Bissell Quicksteamer does do a great job. The big wheels increase the ability to move and also the unit comes with an eight . 5 inch cleaning path.

It arrives with two half-gallon water compartments one for water that is clean, and something for that dirty water, as to not mix the 2. Additionally, it has ‘easy to fill, simple to clean’ functionality to create by using this product a pleasure. The Bissell Quicksteamer 2080 also includes a detachable nozzle, along with a quick release cord wrap.


Lightweight - the Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush weighs in at in at just 12 pounds!

Flexible and simply manoeuvrable.


has lots of removable mister nozzles.



Avoid this model should you prefer a real heavy-duty cleaner able to getting rid of many years of dried in grime and muck.

The cleaning process can often be slow to be able to suck as much water as you possibly can.

Summary of Reviews:

Searching only at that Bissell carpet cleaner before utilizing it, it might be simple to express it needs to be they canrrrt work in cleaning carpets. But that might be the incorrect factor to state as this machine will a solid job in cleaning all kinds of carpets. It does not have the features from the bigger machines, but that's not what it really was created for.

Reviews on Amazon . com happen to be very positive. Customers have with all this Bissell a 4.5 from five star overall rating and they've pointed out how easy this machine is by using what a fantastic job it will, and just what a great value it's.



If you're looking to have an economically listed lightweight and simple to use carpet cleaner, the Bissell QuickSteamer makes the ideal choice. We provide a five star rating and recommend it for more compact houses and flats, or single rooms and areas that you want to help keep clean.

The Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner is really a moderately listed, highly ranked home carpet cleaner/shampooer. Amazing among home cleansers for that extraction ability that provides the cleanser a part of its title, this function combined using its forced hot air drying out capacity has numerous happy proprietors report faster drying out of carpets than is usually the situation with home carpet shampooers.

The Hoover MaxExtract includes a wide brush set up which supplies roughly 20% more coverage on one pass compared to competition. Heat in the cleaner motor needs with the brush set up to assist in drying out the carpet materials even while water is taken away in the carpet through the effective suction produced through the 12 amplifier motor. A rinse function enables dispersal of unpolluted water only which will help to get rid of cleaning soap residue frequently left in carpet materials by other similar shampooers.

Hoover’s patented Dual V technology enables for consistent suction within the cleaning path as well as allows more water to become removed in every pass than competing brands. Separate water that is clean and detergent containers eliminate the requirement for untidy hands mixing and enables unused detergent to become put into the bottle for the following use. This selection can lead to considerable savings on detergent purchases within the existence from the machine. The separate dirty water tank guarantees that water going to the carpet is definitely clean.

The SpinScrub brush technology enables for additional thorough cleaning of person carpet materials, because the brush action approaches each fiber from multiple directions. The brushes are often removed to clean and simple to snap back to place.

The Hoover MaxExtract has three speeds of operation: spill pick-up mode, gentle scrub mode or high energy scrub mode. The system posseses an 8 feet lengthy hose a detachable tool basket along with a powered handheld SpinScrub attachment for upholstery and stair cleaning.

The Hoover MaxExtract is considered to be simple to assemble and take apart (to clean that is strongly suggested after each use). While somewhat heavy at nearly 27 pounds, couple of testers have reported difficulties in controlling the device across their carpets.


Product description:
  • 12 amp motor with a function of forcing the hot air
  • The Dual V Technology
  • Three different speed levels
  • Large water tank for cleaning big areas
  • Size: 20.2×15.8×29.2 inches; weight: 26.9 pounds
  • Separate tanks for neat and dirty water.
  • No pre-mixing water and detergent, unused detergent will go back to bottle.
  • SpinScrub brushes clean every side of carpet materials.
  • Rinse function facilitates getting soapy residue from carpet.
  • Machine directs heat onto carpet throughout operation to facilitate drying out.
  • 27 pounds in weight can be difficult to move.
  • Hose for accessories may well be more flexible.
  • Must take apart and clean completely after each use.
  • Dirty water left in tank or detergent left in receptacle will degrade joints and may cause unit to leak.
  • Much talked about of front of machine makes under cabinet floor edge cleaning difficult.
  • Noisy operation noted by apartment residents with seem sensitive neighbors.
  • Some accessories tabs (tank and handheld tool) reported fragile and vulnerable to breakage by customers.

Outfitted having a effective 12 amplifier motor, this straightforward-to-use SteamVac cleans carpets by using, scrubbing, and getting rid of hot plain tap water and cleaning solution. The unit's wide path provides 20-percent more brushing and cleaning action. The innovative and efficient heated cleaning forces heat in the motor into the carpet, making the answer and brushes work more effectively. Run the system go back over your carpet with no rinse to accelerate dry time using the heat.

The cleaner's Dual V Technology produces equal suction over the entire cleaning path and removes more water than every other brand. The separate clean/dirty water departments are generally big enough to let you make less outings backwards and forwards towards the sink. The detergent includes a separated compartment so any leftovers may be easily came back for your detergent container and used again next time you clean. Patented SpinScrub rotating brushes lightly release grime and clean every side of the carpet fiber, and so they come out and are simple to rinse clean when needed.

Select from three speeds for various cleaning tasks--spill pick-up mode, gentle scrub mode, or energy scrub mode. On-board tools have an 8-feet hose for lengthy achieve, a detachable tool basket for simple storage, along with a SpinScrub powered handheld tool for upholstery and stairs. Why constantly rent costly carpet cleansers, whenever you could purchase your own? You'll be surprised about the high end of unpolluted you are able to achieve having a Hoover carpet cleaner. The kodak playtouch camcorder measures roughly 20 by 12 by 44 inches and has a one-year limited warranty.

As anybody with pets knows, creatures stain carpets having a frightening regularity in most cases immediately after an entire room shampooing! The Bissell Spotbot Pet Hands-free deep cleaner is designed to create pet accident cleanup as painless as you possibly can.

The Bissell Spotbot Pet has a patented “Automatic Wise System” technology with five configurations that control the quantity of solution distributed on the place in line with the kind of stain selected. The built-in “Deep Achieve Technology” effectively controls detergent formula transmission in to the carpet and cleans materials in the bottom up. The “Spiral Brushing Action” gives bear over 400 brush revolutions per cleaning cycle. When the machine is placed for the kind of stain, the consumer can leave and permit this to carpet cleaning machine do all of the effort of pet stain removal.

The device is made to be place cleaner and it ought to be noted it cleans a circular patch roughly 7 inches across. It arrives with an adaptable hose to clean upholstery, stairs, auto inside along with other difficult to achieve areas.

While using the Pet Stain and Odor Removal solution, as much as 99% of odor leading to bacteria is taken away in the cleaning path. The OxyGen 2 cleaner is especially good at permanent elimination of tough stains and both solutions (sample dimensions are incorporated using the initial acquisition of the Spotbot) discourage pets from coming back to resoil a place.

Maintenance is comparatively low-key because of the machine’s built-in “Microban” antimicrobial product protection. A fast rinse from the dirty water tank is that's needed or suggested to help keep the Microban action working at top performance. Microban works continuously to hinder the development of odor leading to, mold, mildew and bacteria.

While less than as lightweight at 18 pounds as a number of Bissell’s other place cleansers, readily stored away still highly portable despite solution tank filled. A flexible and well-crafted product within the medium cost range for portable deep cleansers along with a useful investment for pet proprietors everywhere.

Bissell Spotbot Pet 33N8 Specs And Features
  • No assembly required
  • Portable and easy to manage
  • Handsfree spot cleaner
  • Deep cleaning technology
  • Unique brushing using a spiral action
  • Cleans carpets, upholstery, cars and stairs
  • Cleans all types of spills
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • 7-inch cleaning area
  • 32 ounce tank
  • 16″ cord
  • Carry handle
  • Cleaning formula included
  • 5 setting buttons
  • 1 year warranty


Automatic cleaning cycles permit you to looking for kind of stain and “Walkaway”-the device will the relaxation.

Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection keeps machine mildew and unscented between uses.

Deep Achieve Technology cleans carpet materials in the bottom up leading to less probability of pets coming back to resoil the region.

Easy storage

Easy setup and simple to use.

Excellent suction.

Near permanent stain removal when combined with Oxy Gen 2 cleaner



Circular cleaning areas on carpet have a tendency to linger giving “crop circle” effect.

Doesn’t warmth water.

Tank capacity might be bigger, requires several refills for multi stain or large stain cleaning.

Quantity of water suctioned from carpet doesn't match amount dispersed in meaning moist carpet with longer drying out time.

Uses solution too rapidly, if mixed based on manufacturer’s instructions.

Noisy functioning, might be an issue for that seem sensitive.

Hose doesn’t rotate, could be a find it difficult to get brush side lower to carpet.

Some customers have noted sturdiness issues, one rater complained at needing to replace machine each year for last three.

Less effective on deep pile “shag” carpets as on lower pile carpeting.

The reviews for that Bissell Spotbot Pet 33N8A happen to be extremely positive by testers. Lots of clients have stated that cleaning pet messes really bothered them which this machine became a lifesaver. The hands free technologies are this unit’s claim that they can fame.

Testers in the Amazon . com site have with all this Bissell cleaner a 4.5 from five star rating with 105 reviews given to date. Clients have remarked that it's very user-friendly and extremely removes tough stains. One customer even pointed out that it washed a ten-year-old stain perfectly.

The Bissell Spotbot Pet 33N8 is an ideal unit for just about any household with pets, children or anybody that doesn't wish to by hand scrub carpet stains. It's versatile enough to make use of through the entire home and is a superb upgrade on the cleaning it offers.

Do you've still got trouble cleaning your carpet regularly or getting it free of any tough stains or grime? Are you currently tired together with your old vacuum cleaner since it does not help well to clean dirt from your favorite carpet? Have you thought about Bissell ProHeat 9400M?

While people normally use professional service cleansers to clean the carpet, you need to understand that with the proper equipment, you are able to really perform your personal carpet cleaning as well as your upholstery and stairs.

Regardless the kind or colour of carpet you've in your own home, with Bissell ProHeat 2X 49400M, cleaning carpet might not be a hard factor to complete any longer. You no more have to work backwards and forwards using the spray can and wimpy dry vacuum to eliminate tough stains, since with ProHeats hot, cleansing formula, plus its very effective suction work individuals tough stains is going to be rapidly taken off your carpet and also the debris is going to be embedded in one pass. You will find ten rows of effective brushes which agitate the floor-in grime and produce it towards the surface, a wide floor nozzle having a 12-inch cleaning path will extract all traces for spotless results each time. Its innovative edge-sweep brushes will even clean flush with walls without itching the top.


  • 12-Amplifier upright deep cleaner for carpet, upholstery, and stairs
  • Features a built-in heater with indicator light
  • 1-gallon capacity 2-in-1 tank
  • 12 rows of dual Grime Lifter energy brushes
  • Hose for stair and fabric cleaning.
  • light clean, normal, high-traffic, or water rinse configurations
  • 3-inch Tough-stain, 4-inch upholstery and squirting crevice tools
  • 6 inch pet stain eraser tool.
  • Edge sweepers
  • surround suction
  • ultra-smooth wheels
  • an additional-lengthy 30-feet energy cord
  • a transporting handle
  • Easy-to-remove nozzle for convenient cleanup.
  • Measures 19 by 13 by 44 inches
  • Weighs in at 32.8 pounds

  • Tough construction
  • Built-in heater warms already hot plain tap water up 25 more levels, and can not exceed temperature of water of 190 levels
  • Heater could be turned off to be used on delicate and made of woll area rugs
  • Effective suction from 12 amplifier motor
  • 2 in a single tank keeps clean and dirty water separate
  • Water tank removes with unit in upright position
  • Rinse cycle removes cleaning soap residue from carpet, particularly important for customers with young children.
  • Accessories simple to install and remove


  • Cleaner is heavy, 32.8 pounds which might make controlling around house hard for some customers.
  • Shields over mister nozzles and brushes attached with screws, making removing to clean both after each use unnecessarily complicated.
  • Unpowered magical wands not so effective.
  • Clean water should be changed before runs entirely out or machine is constantly operate with detergent only leading to cleaning soap wastage.
  • Experiences water rapidly, should be filled again several occasions for average room.
  • Pet hair won't be acquired completely, must get hairballs from carpet after use. This really is cautioned about in manual but might be off-putting with a customers.
  • Some customers report short existence on spray system which warranty won't cover unless of course “manufacturer’s defect”
  • Seeping on initial launch is noted, stops as operation continues.
  • Warmth unit can clog and it is tough to reach to clean.

Review of Reviews - Bissell ProHeat Upright Cleaner

Clients have ranked this Bissell ProHeat 2X 9400M product with 3.8/5 stars around the Amazon . com site. With more than 302 reviews listed, it's obvious that testers are pleased using their purchases. One factor that does stick out among customers is that this cleaner’s heat tank and Powerbrush and just how they interact to provide a effective clean to carpets.

Many customers are saving cash given that they no more need to get in touch with an expert carpet cleaning service. Plus, they have the choice for cleaning their carpets once they want and may pull it for convenient place cleaning. It's a convenience to possess your personal cleaner at hands and something that you will certainly appreciate.

As you rater said, this Bissell ProHeat taken care of itself within 6 several weeks. Other customers state that it will a much better job compared to machines that may be leased in the supermarkets. That’s impressive considering the rental charges on these supermarket machines and just how difficult it's to carry them home and to the shop again.

Since it's title indicates, the MaxExtract can be used as a number of flat surfaces: carpets to hard flooring like vinyl, ceramic or perhaps basement cement. In addition to that, additionally, it includes a SpinScrub hands tool for upholstery, stairs along with other difficult to achieve places. The implement has two dual-spinning brushes to ensure that you are able to rapidly whisk away the grime in your furniture.

The MaxExtract is simple to wash and simple to put together too. Just stick to the step-by-step instructions present in its user guide. However it doesn’t offer only convenience it will help cut cost over time. Its separate tanks for water that is clean and detergent comes with an automatic detergent mixing system to supply the correct mixture of cleaning soap and water which means you won’t have excess mixture to discard.

The MaxExtract includes a effective 12-amplifier engine that removes stains easily. It washes and scrubs your carpet clean but it may also rinse by meting out water that is clean from the tank that's outside of the dirty water and also the cleaning solution. This auto-rinse attribute removes excess detergent residue to assist your carpets stay nice and clean smelling longer. Additionally, it includes a drying out feature that works maximum water extraction to ensure that you will be walking in your flooring again very quickly whatsoever.

Key features:

1) It was not made only for flooring,it detoxifies the steps,furnishings. Because this system is highly able to washing the stairs and furniture additionally to flooring, you'll have the ability to get top quality cleaning experience.

2) Astonishing that you could even clean the vertical surfaces Because you will have the ability to clean the vertical surfaces too, you'll have the ability to keep the house neat in addition to clean.

3) Includes hard floor package for the flooring we've

4) Patented SpinScrub brushes for hard flooring,they interact

5) Switches for off/on energy

6) Auto rinsing the carpet and difficult flooring, departing less detergent residue behind

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC Pros :

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC is extremely simple to operate.

Hoover F7452900 is simple to put together and employ.

Simple to fill and empty carpet cleaner.

Good Cleaning carpet cleaner.

7452-900 offers the good Instructions.

Hoover carpet cleaner maxextract is simpler to wash the dirty water tank.

You can easily attach the wand.

It really works great, cleans well.

Simple to move over the carpet

Simple to load and clean

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC Cons :

Hoover maxextract all-terrain carpet washer is really noisy.

Hoover maxextract all-terrain carpet cleaner is heavy and difficult to push.

Hoover maxextract all-terrain carpet cleaner f7452900pc is tough to wash and set together again.

Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC is noisy, much more on hard flooring.

Cheap plastic parts carpet cleaner.

Please Be Aware: The Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC pros. and cons. didn’t come coming from all the client reviews.

Many clients are extremely happy with this Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner, F7452900PC, many aren’t It’s is dependent on their own usage anticipation.

If you are searching for a far more professional grade cleaning with no cost and need for getting within the experts, the Hoover MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner is perfect for you. This greater-class model has 6 SpinScrub brushes on its wide, 13” cleaning path width, so that you can clean more with less strokes. It features a Dual V Nozzle that gives equal suction throughout its width so you will find don’t worry of passing up on a place or departing moist spots behind.